Age Groups

The I Can Do program.

The Watch Me Play program.

The Dinkies program.

The Preps program.

The PlaySport program.

Fun2Be1 program and Early 2s

PlayGolf for 6-12 year olds

18-24 months

Both the Fun2Be1 program and Early 2s program develop the base that will pave the way for skill 

acquirement and sport specialised refinement of skills in later years. Even more exciting is the 

developmental benefits that the programmes offer. Both programmes ensure that the children are 

taught according to the critical periods/windows of development.

Fun2B1: 18 to 24 months old

The aim of this programme is to enable the early walker to develop and maximise motor skills. This 

will then lead to achievement of motor milestones and will contribute to social and cognitive 

development. An example of this is facilitating crawling and exploring which stimulates the 

formation of early mathematical concepts. Motor development is the springboard to all learning.

Early 2:  A programme for tots who have turned 2 early in the school calendar year

This programme is a worthy forerunner to the PLAYBALL I CAN DO programme as it lays the 

foundation in stability, locomotion and manipulation categories of movement. Young toddlers learn 

to abide by a structured routine, co-operate with the facilitator and learn to follow instructions.


  • The development of social integration and communication
  • Perceptual and cognitive development is actively encouraged
  • The development of rudimentary stability, locomotor and manipulative tasks

All the activities are based on SCIENTIFICALLY ACCEPTED AGE NORMS 

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