The party of a lifetime, which can be tailor made to suit any child's fantasy, be it superheroes, princesses, cowboys or space rangers! The treasure hunts are always a popular request, with missions to find wild animals and jungle creatures, goliath tarantulas, underwater caves and tunnels or snake infested Crocodile Rivers! Anything goes really.  You're also welcome to choose a sports theme like football or basketball! All of this combined with the basic co-ordination and ball skills that Playball has to offer makes for an awesome party, and of course Mum can relax while we take control of your bunch of loud and crazy party going kids!



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We take the basic Playball skills and drills and use all the equipment (big bouncy balls, tennis balls, plastic balls etc, as well as hoops, bean bags, beacons, shapes, ropes), and then set up the activities and games according to a theme as discussed, i.e.: Fireman, fairies/princesses, superhero's, animals, OR particular sports such as football, hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket or rugby etc.


To book a party with us, please email us for further information.


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