Age Groups

The I Can Do program.

The Watch Me Play program.

The Dinkies program.

The Preps program.

The PlaySport program.

Fun2Be1 program and Early 2s

PlayGolf for 6-12 year olds


The WATCH ME PLAY program at Playball recognises and develops the growing skill set of your 3 and 4 year old.

Our focus here is on participation within a group, and teaching children in a friendly, caring and supportive environment through carefully structured lessons.

In this program your child is introduced to the values that relate to boundaries, listening to instructions and working within the constraints of a group. Sharing and waiting their turn, are just some of the many very important life values that are introduced.

One of the goals of this program is to introduce your child to sport skills in a “sports class”. Obviously age-appropriate. 

We develop their visual skills (seeing what to do) and auditory skills (hearing what to do) and gross motor skills (doing what needs to be done).

The main emphasis of our 3s program is:

  • Each child achieving a measure of competence in the“ foundation” of the various manipulation and ball skills in all the popular sports
  • Development of children’s confidence and enjoyment of sport
  • Social integration with other children
  • Introduction of concentration and listening skills
  • Supporting you in nurturing an active and happy lifestyle for your child, at a crucial time in his/her earlier life

 Please view our Video below


Threes happily participate independently.  They have great fun exploring how many ways  they can hit, kick, catch and throw in a friendly and supportive environment. They learn how to take turns and interact well with the instructor and  friends in the class. They are starting to feel brave and want to show everyone how well they can perform."

Our focus here is on participation within a group. The environment in which we teach is  non intimidating, caring and friendly. A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as the 3 year old is introduced to basic movement and development skills which will lay the foundation for future, successful sports participation. As this is often the first encounter with a formal environment, learning will also be directed towards improving concentration and listening skills



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